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AUDIENCE!? What are you doing reading my fanfiction?
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AUDIENCE! What are you doing reading my fanfiction?
Welcome to the Tobuscus Fanfiction Community! Search fics via tags and check out our community info and rules. Cheers! Feel free to post! TOBY OUT!
18th-Aug-2012 09:52 am - New Youtube Gamers Community
sherlock - pink hue eye
A new livejournal community has started, and it's the youtube_gamers community which is basically the same as this one (we post all the same things) BUT it's dedicated to specifically more than just one youtuber and specifically gamers besides Toby (eg. Pewdiepie). Just join if you wish :)
sherlock - pink hue eye
Title: Pewdiepie's Amnesia Nightmare
Author: chickensgocluck
Posted Originally On: youtube_gamers Community
Characters: Pewdiepie, and will eventually involve Toby
Chapters: 1 So Far
Rating: PG/M
Genre: Adventure, Mystery, Horror
Disclaimer: This is all just for fun, nothing official and I do not own these characters
Summary: Pewdiepie sits down one night to recored his daily post of Amnesia when something usual occurs. He gets sucked into a nightmare, but can he wake up.

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7th-Nov-2011 09:53 pm - Mod Post: Advertisements
sherlock - pink hue eye
Hey just thought I would let everyone know that were are having trouble with the placement of the ads in the community; (ie. LJ is being annoying). So if you occasionally see the layout abit screwed up then you have livejournal to blame! AHAHA! T_T

louis is beautiful
Hello! So I don't even know how I came across this community but OH MY GOD I LOVE TOBY TURNER and this community is perfection. 

I was thinking of this for a while actually, and then came across this community and well, I don't have time to write fic right now. And I'm writing so much fic for my other ~fandoms~ BUT IF ANYONE WANTS TO, THERE'S THIS IDEA:
  • Toby Turner loves his video games (have you guys watched his walkthroughs? he's hilarious!). One day, he's playing one of them (doesn't matter which, though it'd probably /more funny or cooler/ if it was like Amnesia or Deadspace or something BUT WHATEVER YOU WANT) and he feels funny and then...he's in the game. And oh god, what is he doing! Why is he there? What does he have to do to come back to his world? How will he interact with the other characters?



(By the way, the Toby!moods are adorable!) 

7th-Nov-2011 04:36 pm - Mod Post: Tobuscus Mood Theme
sherlock - pink hue eye
Hey guys! First welcome post to the community! So welcome! INTRO OF DARKNESS THEN REDNESS THEN WHITENESS!Just wanted to point out the great Tobuscus mood theme we got going; and to check it out- hehehe, we are still adding to it so please enjoy! Some fic shall be arriving soon enough (; TRANSITION! Also enjoy the new layout (; and watching Toby say 'God Dang it!' 100 times, I know I can't stop!
Cheers guys
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