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Tobuscus Fanfiction Community
AUDIENCE!? What are you doing reading my fanfiction?
Fic: Pewdiepie's Amnesia Nightmare (Ch1) 
18th-Aug-2012 09:46 am
sherlock - pink hue eye
Title: Pewdiepie's Amnesia Nightmare
Author: chickensgocluck
Posted Originally On: youtube_gamers Community
Characters: Pewdiepie, and will eventually involve Toby
Chapters: 1 So Far
Rating: PG/M
Genre: Adventure, Mystery, Horror
Disclaimer: This is all just for fun, nothing official and I do not own these characters
Summary: Pewdiepie sits down one night to recored his daily post of Amnesia when something usual occurs. He gets sucked into a nightmare, but can he wake up.

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